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A Message from Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, PT Muldoon

"It makes me very proud to see the reaction of our customers....our the new products we are developing!!! I haven't said a lot on here because I believe my role is to remain in the background and try and make sure this product is the best it can possibly be. My grandparents came to Detroit with the same dream as a lot of people become part of something amazing that would transform their lives and the lives of their children!!! It's what made this town the Motor City and we came to have a very special bond in this town with the sport of hockey. Original Stix is committed to engineering, manufacturing, and assembling our product here in the USA and especially here in Detroit. Because here in Detroit, making things with our own hands is very important....this our town....Hockey Town!!! Thanks for hearing me and being part of our family. We put our passion into our products and more importantly into our people, It is exciting to be a part of the rebirth of the town we love and to do it around our favorite sport HOCKEY!!!"

- PT Muldoon
Co-Founder & Vice President Of Engineering
  • October 22, 2014
  • Terance Johnson